Observing the Sky and Sharing Science

ORION is an amateur science and astronomy club centered in Oak Ridge, TN that was founded in April 1974 by a group of scientists at the United States Department of Energy facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  Our purpose is to promote learning and inquiry throughout the cities of Oak Ridge and Knoxville, and the counties of Anderson, Knox, and Roane.  Topics covered include physics, solar system astronomy, and education. You don’t have to be a scientist to join us!  Most activities are open to the public.

ORION works to share the wonders of the cosmos and the culture of science to people from all walks of life. There is no charge for membership in our news/discussion group, where members maintain a friendly, cooperative spirit.  If you’d like to become an ‘official member’ and vote, then you can send a check for $20 to our treasurer (Bob Edwards, 530 Old Johnston Valley Rd., Kingston, TN, 37763).  Or you can send a $20 donation to @ORIONastronomy on PayPal

Some ORION members volunteer as hosts at TAO, where they use their knowledge and equipment to help others experience the joys of discovery and to enhance learning about the night sky and its astronomical objects. These folks consider themselves ambassadors on the subject of Astronomy. They recognize that only if we make Astronomy a positive and enlightening experience will people support TAO and develop respect for maintaining a scientific and educational perspective.

  • For details about our upcoming meeting, which is open to the public, please click here.
  • For details on how to participate in an evening of astronomical observing, also open to the public, please click here

Here are some of the coming local events that you might enjoy: