2015 – Speakers/Topics

Feb. 18: Meeting cancelled due to snow.

March 18: Mr.Kenneth Roy: “Terraforming & Venus”

April 15: Dr. Denese Phyllips: “Can Peasants Be Scientists? Debates about the Social Reach of Science in the 18th-Century Europe”

May 20: Dr. Raph Hix: “Special Topics in Astrophysics”

June 17: Dr.Tatiana Vishnivetskaya: NASA Astrobiology

July 15: Mr. Paul Lewis: “The First Mission To The Last Planet” (emergency cancellation by speaker)

August 19: Lisa Tackett: “Science for Everyone”

Sept. 16: Dr. David Fields: “Advances in Radio Astronomy — the RASDR Project”

Oct. 21: Dr. Devon Burr: “The geomorphology of Titan, the Earth-like alien moon of Saturn.”

Nov. 18: Dr. Stan Kurtz: “Radio Astronomy and Where it is Taking Us”

Dec. 16: Christmas Party